ATH11L1 AT0531 ATN136 AT7720 ATC61L ATC7720 AT7721 AT0601 ATW723
AT3H4 AT2514 AT851 AT814 ATN826 AT8016 ATN200 ATN201 AT817
ATN138 AT825 ATN139 ATC70A AT2154 AT415 AT6N138 AT815 AT852
AT2051 AT2011 AT3223 AT2031 AT581 AT2021 AT3041 AT3020 AT2032
AT0343 ATN3130 ATN3150 AT155 AT0314 ATN3120 AT340 ATM314 AT314
AT4504 ATN4506 ATM456 ATC4504 AT4506 ATC4506 ATN4504 ATM481 ATM480
AT333J AT330J AT331J AT316J AT332J
ATV213 AT223 AT172-2 ATV258 AT214 ATV216 AT173 ATS258 AT212-2
We continuously improve our products and processes through professional research and development, making people's lives shine forever. We provide high-quality and efficient solutions for different applications, products, or ideas, creating higher business opportunities and benefits for customers
All along, Aote has been continuously improving its products and processes through professional research and development
AOTE, Commitment and dedication to light are unparalleled!
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Leading enterprise in the optocoupler industry
Taiwan Aote Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018. Its headquarters and R&D laboratory were set up in Taichung, Taiwan Province. Most of the members of the R&D team are from large semiconductor companies at home and abroad. Aote has the world-class design capability of high-performance analog and hybrid integrated circuits, and has rich experience in designing integrated circuits based on product performance indicators, It is currently a high-tech company with the production capacity of the entire optocoupler chip industry chain and research and development. The company has high research and development investment and design in its products, and its existing products are capable of PIN to PIN benchmarking and compatible with multiple series of optoelectronic couplers from Europe, America, Japan, and Taiwan.
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